This is a game for the NOKIA 3310 JAM 4.

The Filler, a strange little being that fills up the screen is out for some filling. Rush! If you don't it will fill the region where you stand, and you will die. The only way to stop the filler is getting to the last screen, that is about 18 checkpoints from the start. And, while you're at it, try to get your best time!


  • shift or ↑:  change level pack on title screen
  • ← →  or A D: move
  • ↑ or W: jump
  • Enter: pause
  • Esc: return to menu
  • R or Backspace: reset level (count as death)

art, programing, level design, yada yada: Ninus (me)

sfx: Trix (sound pack available in Nokia JAM Resources)


filling-rush-linux-amd64.bin 5 MB
Version 7 Apr 07, 2022
filling-rush-linux-raspberrypi.bin 5 MB
Version 7 Apr 07, 2022
Download 4 MB
Version 7 Apr 07, 2022
filling-rush-windows-amd64.exe 5 MB
Version 7 Apr 07, 2022

Development log


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Neat game!  I found it a bit frustrating being a speed run kind of game.  

I like the concept even if it can be a bit frustrating and cheap feeling at times.  The levels were all pretty clever, with a lot of traps I hadn't expected the first time but then had a "well duh" moment about it once they trapped me.

I got 109 deaths and 6:03 as my time. So I'm certainly not the best.  But I did manage to finish still and had a good time figuring out some of the trickier screens intended path!

I did find one exploit, restarting the game with R doesn't reset your double jump state, so on the first frame of a restart you can cheese some of the platforming. If intentional, there is probably a speed run that is amazing using this trick, though it would cost a life to respawn, so it doesn't help for the perfect run.

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Thanks for playing! :3

Yeah, I figured the respawn bug when I was testing before. While it was not intentional, I kinda liked it so I let it in XD.

I'm always getting a feeling that I underestimated the time and deaths the people would get. Probably cause I got pretty good at these levels while testing xD. Maybe I will need to change the phrases at the end again... But I need to get some statistics first